My Gear Reviews

This is a list of the gear I own, or have owned, during my short running escapades so far.  Along with the gear shown, you will see a small review below the gear.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS (with Sensor) powered by TomTom
Nike+ Sports Watch
I really love this watch.  The Nike+ Sports Watch lets you know distance, pace, time elapsed, heart rate (using Polar Wearlink heart rate monitor), calories and tracks location so you can upload to the Nike+ website.  The watch also comes with the Nike+ sensor that you can insert into a Nike+ shoe or attach to a different brand of shoe with the purchase of a holder for the sensor.  The sensor is a great option if you decide to run on a treadmill or if you lose GPS connection during your run, it will keep track of your stats.  

Once you are done with your run/walk you can then upload the information to your Nike+ profile to track your history.  This is done via USB using the USB cable that comes with the watch.  The website has come a long way since I started using it.  Uploads are better and the maps section has improved with syncing to the watch.  You can set goals that you want to accomplish, create routes on the map or even find routes in your area that many people are running on known as "hot routes".

Overall I think this is a great tool for running.  I use it on every run I do and Nike has come a long way with the site improvements.  If you like keeping track of your runs and like to have real-time feedback on how you are doing while you are running this is a good piece of gear to look into.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS-12
The Brooks Adrenaline GTS-12 shoe is a nice comfortable shoe.  This is my first proper running shoe that I bought.  What I mean by proper is that I went to an actual running store and was properly fitted for a running shoe.  I went to the Big Peach Running Co in Atlanta, GA, they were very knowledgeable and helpful. 

Anyway, to the reason I like this shoe.  At around $99 it is a pretty affordable running shoe for the beginner or someone on a budget. I have had this shoe for a year and it has 350+ miles on it and it is still comfortable to me.  The shoe has held up well and I haven't had to change the laces yet.  This shoe is for those that need to have stability in their shoes and the GTS-12 has provided me the stability I need while running.

Overall, I really like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS-12.  It is affordable and very durable as well as comfortable.  Off course, shoes are a personal preference but the GTS-12 could be an option for those looking for a good inexpensive running shoe.


Runners ID, Cycling ID, Medical ID Tags

RoadID is great if you are exercising by yourself.  It is a great way for First Responders to gather important information like phone number of an emergency contact if something unfortunately happens while you are out.  I personally use the interactive RoadID Wrist ID Sport when I am out on my own.  What I love about the interactive version is that you can put a couple pieces of key information on the band and it has a phone number, serial number and PIN for the First Responder or Hospital to call.  All your information is online through the My RoadID site.

The good thing about My RoadID site is that if you ever move or health situation changes you just go online and update your information.  It keeps you from buying another engraved piece for your band.  There is a $9.99 yearly fee for the service (first year is free with purchase of band) but I think it is worth it.  

Overall I like the convenience of updating information online as I need too without buying another engraved piece.  The band is small with Velcro closure so it can fit any size wrist.  I don't even notice I have it on sometimes.  RoadID has other products if you don't like wearing something on your wrist.

FuelBelt Trail Runner Belt
I don't run on trails, yet, but this is a good belt for road runners too.  It has four 7oz bottles, two Velcro closing pockets and two zipper closing pockets to carry keys, id, gels and whatever else you can put in there.  The belt is secured using Velcro closure and is easily adjustable.  The water bottles are easy to remove and put back in their places, the holders are plastic so they stay open when the bottle is removed.

The belt if very comfortable when wearing and running.  I was concerned about feeling the water bouncing up and down while running, but I didn't even notice it.  The zipper pockets are a bit hard to get into while running since they are in the back of the belt.  The Velcro pockets are a bit easier so I put my gels in those and us the zipper for keys, id and anything else I want to carry and don't need to access.

Overall I love the Fuelbelt Trail Runner Belt.  I like the fact that I can carry whatever amount of bottles I need depending on distance without having multiple belts cluttering up my closet.  FuelBelt has several other types of hydration belts and other great products for your running needs.


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