Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Running Came Into My Life

     I was just thinking today that I never really shared about how I got into running.  Several years ago, I became less active and didn’t really exercise or had the desire to really exercise.  I may have done some here and there but nothing to really have any impact or benefit for me or my health.  Several years later and many pounds later my health started taking a bit of a hit when I found out I had high blood pressure.  At the time, I really didn’t think much of it, my mother has it and I thought it was just part of life and heredity.  I never thought it could be because of my weight. 

     Now going back to 2011, I had slowly been gaining weight over the past few years.  I think in 2005 I was at around 170 and by 2011 I was up to 200.  One day, in 2011, I was sitting in the living room with my daughter on my lap and we were just watching T.V. and talking.  She was 12 at the time.  Then out of the blue she said “daddy you’re getting fat”.  Now I love my little girl and appreciate that she doesn’t hold anything back, but this took me by surprise and was the wakeup call I needed.  I guess when you are gaining weight; you really don’t notice it or you’re in denial.  I was on my way to Kuwait for a year and that’s when I decided that I needed to get myself back in shape.

     After getting to Kuwait it took me a few months to get into the swing of things and then I started out hitting the elliptical for a month or so.  I soon came across Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method of training for a 5k.  I started doing this on the treadmill, still doing some time on the elliptical too.  My running started getting stronger and I was able to hit 3 miles without stopping.  The one good thing I discovered in Kuwait is that the camp I was on would have 1 or 2 5K races a month for one reason or another.  I used these 5Ks to keep me on track with running so I wouldn’t fall off the wagon.   A year later and many 5Ks later I return back to the states.  At my peak I hit 210lbs and when I left Kuwait I was at 179lbs. Not to mention I was taken off the high blood pressure medicine while in Kuwait, which has stayed at an acceptable level ever since.

     After coming back to the states, I made a determination that I would never get back to that point again.  I just continued running and doing more 5Ks then eventually 10Ks and even threw in a half-marathon.  I have had some injuries in the past year that has prevented me from running for a couple of months at a time, but luckily I have been able to keep things in check with my weight, I am still bounce around between 180 – 184. I am determined to lose more and running is the way to go.  

     I never thought that I would enjoy running as much as I do.  There are some hard days, but that is what makes it fun.  Fighting through the challenges the road, weather or body throws at you.  I enjoy it so much that when I had my couple of injuries last year (rolled ankles) I was pretty upset and ticked off that I couldn’t run for a while.  I have had some people say that I have an addiction; to me it’s a lifestyle that has proven to benefit me in the long run.

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