Saturday, April 20, 2013

Run for Boston

    Completed the Run for Boston 2.5 mile run in support of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack that happened on 15 April, 2013..  I ran an extra bit to make it at least 3 miles.  Was a nice day for a run, there were a lot of people supporting this run for the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  It was also a great day to really show support on the day, or morning after, the second terrorist was captured.

 Time was good (coming in at around 30 minutes) considering I stopped to talk to a friend that was at the marathon for a short moment.  I was glad to see she is doing well. Also, to add the extra half mile I backtracked to run back in with a co-worker and their pace was a little slow.  Makes me want to go out and really push a 5k and see how I would really do.

  Several of my co-workers showed up to do the run too, was great to see support from both the community and military.  A couple of firemen ran the route in full gear to include oxygen tank on their back and a representative from the Mayor's office was there.  The Mayor has been known to do some runs within the community.  Augusta, GA is not a very big community but when the call for support goes out the people here show up, one of the main reasons I love living here.

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