Saturday, April 20, 2013

Run for Boston

    Completed the Run for Boston 2.5 mile run in support of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack that happened on 15 April, 2013..  I ran an extra bit to make it at least 3 miles.  Was a nice day for a run, there were a lot of people supporting this run for the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  It was also a great day to really show support on the day, or morning after, the second terrorist was captured.

 Time was good (coming in at around 30 minutes) considering I stopped to talk to a friend that was at the marathon for a short moment.  I was glad to see she is doing well. Also, to add the extra half mile I backtracked to run back in with a co-worker and their pace was a little slow.  Makes me want to go out and really push a 5k and see how I would really do.

  Several of my co-workers showed up to do the run too, was great to see support from both the community and military.  A couple of firemen ran the route in full gear to include oxygen tank on their back and a representative from the Mayor's office was there.  The Mayor has been known to do some runs within the community.  Augusta, GA is not a very big community but when the call for support goes out the people here show up, one of the main reasons I love living here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting back on track

It's been over a month since my latest ankle injury.  I really took the time to let it heal since it was the other ankle I injured this time (did the left one back in September).  So far all is well with it.  I did a couple of runs this week, one on Tuesday and one today, to see how it does with two runs during the week.  I come to realize that I am a bit out of running shape after a month of no running.  My ankle is doing fine so far, just the rest of the body needs to get back in shape.

I don't plan on running again till Monday to give the ankle a few days to recover and not over do it.  It will be slow to getting my mileage back up but it needs to be done without re-injuring myself causing more damage. It felt great getting back on the road and enjoying a good run.  My plan is to try and get my mileage back up to half marathon distance within the next couple of months barring no issues.

Now that I'm back running I should hopefully keep the blog updated a bit more.