Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hit 11 Miles.....

I hit 11 miles this week on a run.   My plan was to do between 9 and 10 miles today but missed my turn and ended up going further.  One good thing is that I made it to 11 miles a week or so earlier than planned, but that's okay.  Now I really feel confident that I can complete the half marathon coming up later this month.

Missing my turn was also a blessing in disguise.  Since my Sunday long runs have been on the half marathon course, so I can get used to the big hill that's on the course, I ended up doing more of the course today.  The reason why it's a blessing in disguise is that there are two additional hills that I knew about but haven't seen till today.  With that being said, those two additional hills kicked my tail.  They were a bit steeper than I thought so missing my turn allowed me to get a taste of them.  Oh, and the last two hills were back to back.

Hitting the 11 miles today helped me get in 22 miles this week.  I wanted to get in more but as usual work got in the way.  I hope I can get in some good mileage next week.  Some of the mileage will be done in the new shoes I got this weekend. I bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir 8. These shoes come in at 8.8oz and feel pretty good. I haven't ran in them yet, plan on doing 3 miles tomorrow to start getting used to them and breaking them in. My Brooks need to retire soon.  The good old Brooks have around 400 miles on them and the tread are starting to really show wear and tear.  The Mizunos felt great in the store and even when running around the parking lot so I hope they feel the same on a longer run.

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