Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Rivers Greenway

What a great way to start the week, finally hit 9 miles in my half marathon training. Ran on the Three Rivers Greenway in Columbia, SC today. Temp was around 42 which made for a good, comfortable run. The greenway is not that long so I had to do some back and forth to get my distance in. This made it a bit of a mental thing because I passed my starting point, where the car was, a couple of times to accomplish this.  I was thinking maybe I should have parked at the north end of the greenway instead of where I did, but I managed to push myself through it.

 I forgot to get some gels for the run and I felt it a little bit during the last couple of miles. I did have some Nuun with me to keep the electrolytes good. At least I had a banana in the car to eat, made me feel better a few minutes later. I now know not to forget the gels when on long runs.

This is a great start to the week since last week was very low on mileage.  I decided to take it easy last week after putting in around 27 miles the week before.  I hope I can push closer to 30 before this week is done.  I have roughly one month till the half marathon and can't wait.  I am on track with my training and I am confident that I will finish the race, just need to make sure I don't forget to buy gels to help get me through it.

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