Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rainy Day

Did 10K loop of the Augusta Half / 10K run coming up next month. Today was chilly and wet, started raining on me about the halfway mark. The hill on the route was a bit of a beast and I know I will get faster going up it as I train.  A good start on my training for the half marathon.

Speaking of  training guess I could expand a bit more on the races I would like to do this year.

Augusta Half Marathon - 24 Feb
2013 Pinch Gut Puffer 8K - 4 May
Peachtree Road Race - 4 Jul (if I can get into it)
The Color Run Augusta - 5 Oct
Army 10 Miler - 20 Oct
Broad Street Ramble 10K - 26 Oct
Savannah Half Marathon -9  Nov
Atlanta Half Marathon - ??? (depends on date)

Looks like October will be busy for me it I do all the races that month.  As long as finances are good and I stay injury free I will attempt to do all listed above and maybe do some other races out there that may pop up.

I did 388 miles last year and would like to hit the 400 mile mark for the year if not more. I think it's time for me to kick my running up a couple of notches and really get serious with it.  I may never be very fast but at least I know I'll feel good doing it.

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