Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In Columbia, SC

Going to post the last couple of days in one post. After doing my run on Sunday had to finish packing so I could head to Fort Jackson, SC for a couple weeks of training.

Sunday: Ran part of the upcoming half marathon route, made it up the big hill on the route without walking unlike last week. It was great getting up to 8 miles, a distance I haven't hit in a while. Weather was great, temp this morning was in low 60s and a little cloudy so it kept the sun at bay. Later in the day was the 1 1/2 hour drive to Fort Jackson, needless to say I was a bit exhausted by the end of the day.

Monday: Did a little 3 mile run with a few hill repeats at the end. One thing about the area I am staying on Fort Jackson is the up and downs so I can work on hills to get used to them a bit more. My ankle was a bit sore (old injury) at the end and after the run. Guess it's time for new shoes. Once shoes start wearing out I will start feeling it either in my ankle or in my shins.

On my gel experimentation, I tried the Power Bar gel during Sunday's run. I felt a little queezy for a few minutes then it went away, maybe the extra water I took in helped. So far the Honey Stinger is the best one for me, I still have a couple other brands like Hammer Gel and some others that I will give a try.

There are a couple of areas here in the Columbia, SC area that I will run this weekend while I am here. Always good to run in a different area to break up the monotony of running in the same areas all the time. Not sure how far I will run, plan on keeping this week a lower in mileage than last week. I put in 28 miles last week so this will be the low week. I need to try and get between 8-9 miles in this weekend so I stay on track with my half marathon training.

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