Friday, March 30, 2012

Upcoming 10 Miler

Been getting ready for the upcoming Credit Union 10 Miler this Sunday, 1 April. I have dialed back on the running to keep myself from being sore or risk aggravating my ankle injury and working on carb loading to build up the energy stores I will need for the run. Looking forward to this run, I think it will be an accomplishment for me to complete it and do it without walking.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Run

Well, ran 6 miles this morning to get ready for the 10 miler I have coming up in a week. Was doing okay till I his the 4.5 mile mark, started running out of energy. Guess I didn't eat properly yesterday in preparation for the run. It was a good learning experience to make sure I do proper carb loading before doing long runs, something I will make sure I do before the 10 miler. I was able to keep running but my pace slowed down a lot, but I overall kept it to a 10/mile average for the run. This is the goal I want to do on the 10 miler. This week will be my light week, just a couple of small runs to keep my legs loose and ready to go for next Sunday.

Welcome to My Blog

Well, time to get started on my running blog here. I won’t have a set schedule or consistency with my blog, just whenever something happens that involves me and running. I will not be like a lot of blogs out there sharing every aspect of my life, just things about running so I hope you enjoy the blog.